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    From the current issue of Poetry

    From This Issue November 2020

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    If all your friends read poetry, would you read it too? We think so, and here’s why.

    From the Poetry Magazine Archive

      • poem

        Appeared in Poetry Magazine House of Shadows. Home of Simile

        By Eavan Boland
        One afternoon of summer rain???
        my hand skimmed a shelf and I found???
        an old florin. Ireland, 1950.

        We say like or as and the world is???
        a fish minted in silver and alloy,

        an outing for all the children,???
        an evening...

      • poem

        Appeared in Poetry Magazine Redbird Love

        By Joy Harjo
        We watched her grow up.
        She was the urgent chirper,
        Fledgling flier.
        And when spring rolled
        Out its green
        She’d grown
        Into the most noticeable
        Long-legged and just
        The right amount of blush
        Tipping her wings, crest
        And tail, and
        She knew it
        In the bird parade.
        We watched her strut.
        She owned her...

      • Prose from Poetry Magazine

        Appeared in Poetry Magazine Imagining Freedom

        By Mariame Kaba

        Poetry as scream, balm, and tool.


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