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    May 2020

    Max Phillips

    The oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world.

    • Safia Elhillo
    • TC Tolbert
    • Mary Ruefle
    • Inua Ellams
    • Srikanth Reddy
    From this Issue
      • poem

        Appeared in Poetry Magazine Daedal

        By A.E. Stallings
        To build a labyrinth it takes
        A twisted mind, a puzzled art,
        A fractal branching of mistakes.

        Drag out the shovels and the rakes,
        The spirit level, sacred chart.
        To build a labyrinth it takes

        Shadows, stones, a way that snakes
        And ladders to its shaky start;

      • poem

        Appeared in Poetry Magazine The Acceptance

        By Raymond Antrobus
        Dad’s house stands again, four years
        after being demolished. I walk in.
        He lies in bed, licks his rolling paper,
        and when I ask Where have you been?
        We buried you, he says I know,

        I know. I lean into his smoke, tell him
        I went...

      • poem

        Appeared in Poetry Magazine No Thanks

        By Perry Janes
        ? ? ? ? ? ? every day the world is making its meager
        mea culpas for Easter peeps arranged on dollar store plates
        ? ? ? ? ? ? at dinner parties invisible fences the dogs run past
        for bleach-stained laundry fresh...

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