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    June 2020

    Christine Shan Shan Hou

    The oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world.

    • Rita Dove
    • Cynthia Guardado
    • Karen An-hwei Lee
    • Meg Day
    • Rodney Gomez
    From this Issue
      • poem

        Appeared in Poetry Magazine On June Blossoming in June

        By Karen An-hwei Lee
        This summer, we drank cardamom iced tea sweetened with agave—
        savoring an idea of sweetness lingering, not as if we actually ate honey
        from the lovely overflow of ?liquid summer heat and soft beeswax
        tongued with a wedge of spanakopita and a platter...

      • poem

        Appeared in Poetry Magazine Crisscross

        By Jan Freeman
        Crisscross the lines from mother to daughter
        crisscross the lines raggedy zigzag in wide strokes
        the mother the daughter crisscross their dull thoughts
        crisscross their sharp thoughts ziggity zag the lines
        crisscross their softening lines
        crisscross the brown lines widening above the blue lines
        crisscross the...

      • poem
        By Ashanti Anderson
        This, what God feels like: laughing
        alone in an empty room of tiny doors,
        behind every door a metal box, inside each
        a man’s red heart, lying. I don’t write
        of the cartoonish thing split and jagged
        at its insides. Instead, of how I break

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