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    October 2020

    Cover Artist: Edra Soto

    The oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world.

    • Oli Rodriguez
    • Tianru Wang
    • Ed Roberson
    • Nathan Spoon
    • heidi andrea restrepo rhodes
    From this Issue
      • poem

        Appeared in Poetry Magazine Lockdown Garden

        By Arvind Krishna Mehrotra

        Close to each other,
        socially undistanced,
        the mulberry leaves,

        uniformly green,
        shall turn brown together.
        It’s like a herd dying.


        Firm to begin with,
        the mud clod
        could’ve injured you.
        It crumbles in your hand.


        In the heap of ?dead
        leaves crinkly as
        brown skins, those
        breathing things
        foraging around
        the bamboo stand
        are? jungle babblers.



      • poem

        Appeared in Poetry Magazine The Oracle Was Stoned

        By Chester Wilson III
        what would have happened had Achilles stayed
        entwined with you, his lover, in your bed, who could feel
        a pack of ?Trojans through his letterman jacket
        but also the well of? the water styx he kept in a flask
        as he tried to end...

      • poem

        Appeared in Poetry Magazine Dear Life

        By Maya C. Popa
        I can’t undo all I have done unto myself,
        what I have let an appetite for love do to me.

        I have wanted all the world, its beauties
        and its injuries; some days,
        I think that is punishment enough.

        Often, I received more than I’d...

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