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    November 2020

    Assaf Evron

    The oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world.

    • Lukas Bacho
    • Marilyn Chin
    • syan jay
    • Daniel Ruiz
    • Alison C. Rollins
    From this Issue
      • poem

        Appeared in Poetry Magazine Quartet for the End of Time

        By Alison C. Rollins

        If you play me then you
        Play yourself. ?That was
        All the dead needed
        To say. To get the better
        Of time, we got better
        With time. I left my body
        And took on the look
        Of a man. I made him
        An honest woman.
        A diagram of this

      • poem

        Appeared in Poetry Magazine N’dee Biyati’ Abecedarian

        By syan jay
        as cousins surrounding my ankles. We turn,
        become sheep herded in ancestral forest while
        chasing each other, evolving shadow under
        ch’ígoná’áí as thunder rolls from sky’s hands
        downward, waiting to swallow precious
        dl?’dichiné into its bruising maw, way below—
        dzi? bit?’ááhgee. We agree our mouths into

      • poem

        Appeared in Poetry Magazine Excavation

        By Lukas Bacho
        One afternoon a wet half-moon
        ? ? ? ? ? ? ?on the terrain below my lip:

        mouth-blades splitting flesh
        ? ? ? ? ? ? ?to immortalize desire, sheets soiled

        after the digging. I never knew
        ? ? ? ? ? ? ?ink could...

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